About Us

Primal Marine Ltd. was established in Athens in 1998

Our company is considered a leader in dry cargo chartering with offices in Athens, (Greece), Connecticut, (U.S.A), and more recently Dubai, (U.A.E). We have enjoyed annual growth in every one of our 26 years of existence in spite of the recent downturn in the dry cargo sector market cycle.

Dry cargo chartering is a varied and complex market involving more than three billion tons of cargo each year.

Our experienced team, despite its worldwide reputation for its expertise in fertilizer freighting, acts as a vital link between our charterers, ship owners and traders who need to transport goods required by a growing global population.

Primal is proud of the dedicated support it receives worldwide for the quality of its services that includes vessel commercial/chartering representation ranging in size from coastal to panamax and post panamax.

A total of 10-15 million tons of cargo, (mainly fertilizers), are being fixed annually through Primal. Our clientele in the fertilizer industry includes names such as Keytrade AG, Helm duengemittel GMBH, Hexagon Group AG, Vertiqal AG to name a few.

Primal provides expert market knowledge, professional skills and advise to clients in the dry cargo market where we have a global network of close, direct and, in some instances, exclusive clients representing a fleet of 50-75 bulk carriers ranging from 25,000 to 80,000 dwt. This tonnage base, our fertilizer cargo specialization combined with our strong long-term relationships with commodity trading groups in other sectors, (such as grains/cement/steels and minerals), in conjunction with the world’s leading operators forms the platform of the diverse nature of our firm.

It is our firm belief that in order to provide value and quality services to our clients, a shipbroking firm must have an in-depth understanding of both sides of the business. As evidence of this success, we are proud to claim close to 10,000 fixtures since inception.

Our assets are our people whose client relationships are built on mutual trust and respect.

We believe our brand is our reputation, knowledge and diversity.